Jodi Rose is an Australian sound artist, writer, broadcaster and composer based in Berlin who develops experimental music using the vibrations in cable and suspension bridges as raw material. Her work in the Global Bridge Symphony has brought her around the world, tapping these invisible rhythms from the often mega scaled structures to celebrate their power and beauty.

She has also released Singing Bridges: Vibrations and Variations, a CD of bridge compositions & remixes in 2005. Her works have been exhibited, broadcast and published in Australia, Scandinavia, UK, Asia, Europe and America, and she completed a permanent sound installation on The Eleanor Schonell Bridge, Brisbane in 2006.

As part of the Artist in Residency programme at ISEA2008, Singapore’s very own bridges are thrown into the spotlight for an inaugural presence in the Global Bridge Symphony. This reporter was privileged to have been able to accompany Jodi for an afternoon out sourcing out and sampling the bridges for installation purposes around the island on Tuesday 13th May 2008.

Road Trip…..

After meeting Jodi at the engineering Lab at NUS, we headed towards the newly opened pedestrian bridge at Hort Park (picture above). The beautiful Alexandra Arch was recently opened and had a decent amount of activity both on the bridge and on the roads below.

Next stop were the scenic bridges along the Singapore River

Orb Bridge (1)

Orb Bridge (2)

Orb Bridge (3)

Cavenagh Bridge and the Fullerton Hotel behind it

On Cavenagh Bridge with Anderson Bridge nearby

At The Anderson Bridge

On the way back to Robertson Quay, we decided to save the walking and hop aboard a River Taxi

Jodi and her very colourful Fan

The colourful meets the colourful at the Alkaff Bridge, Singapore’s Art Bridge

Drumming the Alkaff Bridge

At the Jiak Kim Bridge

Contact Mics

Packing up

Our last bridge for the day was Laselle’s 4th story bridge in their city campus and after that we headed back for a well-deserved rest.

It was an eventful day for us, having acquired first hand information about the bridges and their sonorous properties, also discovering a bit more about the landscape in the heart of Singapore. What harm could an additional scenic boat ride and a mug of hops at Brewerks do after that? : )

Did i mention that Jodi has a great sense of humour? When asked which sub-category of sound art she subscribed to the most, she replied. “musique concrete… cos thats most often what bridges are made of”.