The artists went out last Saturday to Orchard Towers to catch a glimpse of Singapore’s notorious red-light district in the heart of the city, as well as to experience a comedy act by a local after-dark entertainment veteran, Kumar, and his band of transvestite dancers at 3 Monkeys Bar. This trip was initiated by Momoyo, who was on a quest to shoot smiles for her project.

From Left: Nigel, Clea, Georg (who just arrived and got his spankin’ new phone), Philippe and Jodi.

Gon and Momoyo had left the table to do some filming

Momoyo talks to Kumar as he gets ready for the show while Gon lurks with camera

While waiting for the show to start…..

The Empty Stage

The cabaret begins

Kumar in Drag

His first set for the night

Kumar’s second stand-up set sees him dressed in a fireman-red suit delivering smoking hot jokes and rapid fire rebuttals that had us in knots

The night ends on a high with Kumar’s famous line. And the artists head off for the second part of their night.

(A great many thanks to the director of Three Monkeys Bar at Orchard Towers as well as Kumar himself, for the permission to film the performance.)

Keep checking this space for updates on the developments of artist projects for the Artists-in-Residence Main-Juried Exhibition at ISEA2008 coming up in July.