Today we go back to kindergarten with Japanese artist Momoyo, with the aim of gathering more smiles for her project. Bright and early was the call for the day, and we made the long trip to the far east to visit Bedok Methodist Church Kindergarten.  We were attempting to remain as inconspicuous as possible to refrain from disrupting the class; but it was fear unfounded since the teachers had their students’ undivided attention all the time. It was just incredible to see them converse with, share ideas and teach the children not just the fundamentals of language and syllabus, but also life skills like dealing with emotions, friendships and everyday situations.

An interview was conducted shortly after class with a teacher Mrs Tong, who had the warmest, most benevolent smile. She spoke about teaching from the heart, and educating with love and patience; all the qualities that were held in each and every one of the teachers at the kindergarten. It is heartwarming to see such dedication that these few people offer to our children at their most impressionable age, and speaking to her completed the beautiful picture we had experienced in the heart of Bedok this morning.

This reporter thanks, on behalf of Japanese Artist Momoyo Torimitsu and ISEA2008, Mrs Wang the principal, Mrs Tong, and other teachers and students of Bedok Methodist Church Kindergarten for their openness and hospitality.

For more information about the artist and project please visit the ISEA2008 main site. Keep checking this site for latest updates and developments in the buildup to the exhibition.