July 2008

Closing night at the SMU concorse saw some of Asia’s most prominent multimedia art performances. The House of Natural Fibers was up first, followed by Ka Fai of TheatreWorks and Zulkafie Mahmod, Singapore’s most celebrated sound artist. Here are photographs of the event

The Night’s Performances started after an opening address by Dr Gunalan

The House of Natural Fiber

Choy Ka Fai of TheatreWorks

The Finale for the evening, home-grown sound artist extraordinaire Zulkafie Mahmod

Thank you all for making ISEA2008 such an amazing conference!


ISEA2008 is on its home-stretch and today we see topics centred around intriguing presentations on Ecological Mediations, Corporeal Interfaces, Interfacial Explorations, Mediating of Urban Space, as well as a host of panel and artist presentations Here are the photographs from today’s events

Martijn de Waal on Urban Culture in the sessions on Technologies of Place

Milena Szafir at the artists/projects presentation presenting “Liquid Rhetorics in Mobile Networks”

Yolande Harris and her project Sun Run Sun

Greg Schiemer on behalf of Catherine Fargher and Narushima Terumi, and the project BioHome.

Stephanie Carrick and her project ‘bestweforget.org’

Paul Sermon’s talk on the Space between Presence and Absence

Lanfranco Aceti and his Transmedia Circuit of Images Body and Meanings

Helen Papagiannis and her very interesting project on Lenticular augmented Reality

Sabine Himmelsbach at the Session on Ecological Mediations presenting a Medial Perspective to Ecological Concerns

Victoria Vesna of UCLA presenting on Water Bodies: Reflections on Network Ecologies

Keep checking this blog for updates on the conference proceedings and events. Till later!

A day before Closing Night, a Thank You dinner was held to thank all the officials, committee members, volunteers, Artist in Residence participants, and the representatives of the various partnering Labs. Here are the pictures from the party.

Tonight, the media ‘workers’ of SPEKTR! also performed the TheatreWorks space 72-13 at Mohamed sultan Road.  They presented a audio and visual piece mapping 88 frequency zones mashed with years of archived analogue and digital signals.  In Singapore, their presentation was focused on the dynamics of world trade, shipping, aviation and control systems along the Straits of Malacca.  Here are photographs of the event.

Keep checking this blog for updates on the conference proceedings and events. Till later!

Here are some photographs of the opening at Sculpture Square at the fringe of an archaic Chinese traditional building

Post Museum’s Rizal with Stephanie Carrick

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At lunch time today, Cloudland hosted a lovely meal for Delegates and friends of ISEA2008 at the National Museum Salon.

Downstairs, the Mediatopia guys Carlos and Robert were staging an ongoing exposition of mixing, mashing and transmitting of sound files

Keep checking this blog for updates on the conference proceedings and events. Till later!

We head back to SMU for the third day of the ISEA2008 Conference. Here are photographs of the day’s events.

The House of Natural Fiber presenting at the National Museum

Greg Schiemer demonstrates his ‘Mandala 7’ mobile musical devices in an unconventional presentation

Louis-Philippe Demers at the Reality Jamming Session on Embodied Agents

Meng Yoe Tan at the Session on Filmic Mediation talking about cyborg Texts

At the Panel presentation on ‘Locating Cyberfeminism’ with committee members Marge and Shirley

Composer Margaret Schedel at her session on Continued Technology in the Arts

Iro Laskari at the Session entitled ‘Mediated Narratives’ giving a talk on audiovisual narratives

Eduardo Condorcet on the House of Affects Project

William Russell Pensyl from the Nanyang Technological University describes the Everyman project and performance at the Performing Technology Session

India Mara Martins on Animated Documentary

Natalie Bewernitz and Marek Goldwski describing their ‘Secret Sounds’ project

MA-Net at the National Museum

ISEA2008 Co-chair Tien at the CRUMBS dialogues session

Wrapping up Day Two of the ISEA2008 Conference, please note that these photographed events are just a snapshot (literally!) of the smposium’s wide range of speakers and topics. For more detailed information on the conference programmes and full list of today’s conference presenters please follow this link – http://www.isea2008singapore.org/conference/conf_schedule_28.html

Keep checking this blog for updates on the conference proceedings and events. Till later!

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