This week, we will be dropping in on the National Museum of Singapore to document daily updates of the installation setup. The Main-Juried Exhibition opens its doors to the public on the 25th July 2008 and will run for the next week till the 3rd August 2008. Keep these dates free and come down to view the exciting new original works that will be on display.

Day #1 – Monday 21st July 2008

The artists have moved from their respective studio locations to the National Museum and generally work is going smoothly, it is the time for programming, installing, polishing, soldering, playing, testing… Personally, it’s really cool to see the process behind a work of art, so we’ll share the pictures.

Geog Tremmel from Biopresence with the illuminated map of Singapore

Jee’s Setup

Momoyo Torimitsu and her smile capturing booth

Tad and his gamelan orchestra amongst wires

Jodi Rose and one of her sound posts of streaming bridge music

Cosmin and Marie working out the space for their project display

SyntFarm and their collection of artefacts (and facts) about the trans-Mongolian railroad.

Gon Zifroni and the visualizations of the “bridges” and “nodes” of his project Exodus

Nigel with engineers from the AudioNomad Team, in his pretty isolated room at the top floor of the museum, but thats where he can make all the noise he wants :

For more information about the artist and project please visit the ISEA2008 main site. Keep checking this space for updates in the countdown to the grand opening of the ISEA2008 Symposium on Electronic Arts.