This week, we will be dropping in on the National Museum of Singapore to document daily updates of the installation setup. The Main-Juried Exhibition opens its doors to the public on the 25th July 2008 and will run for the next week till the 3rd August 2008. Keep these dates free and come down to view the exciting new original works that will be on display.

Day #2 – Tuesday 22nd July 2008

The display wall is up and it is looking GOOD. Right next to the beautifully designed prints that are the motifs of this years ISEA2008 exhibition is a short writeup of the event by Artistic Director Dr Gunalan. More of the artists are approaching the end point in their process in bringing to life the blueprints that were painstakingly conceptualized months ago.

Here are two views of the installation gallery the half on the left houses projects from Zack and Nate, Cosmin and Marie, Gon, Shilpas duo; where the one on the right houses projects from Syntfarm, Geog, Gee, with directions leading to the recesses of Clea and Tad’s projects.

Zach and Nate working on their televisions-in-conversation

Cosmin and Marie’s brainwave visualizations materialize

Tad’s Gamelan “instructor” giving the instruments a test run.

Geog Tremmel’s test run observed by Guna, Tad and Meng

Syntfarm’s Siberian artifact display with more beautiful lights.

Jee’s DIY Gori installation with its large paper rolls with ECG like detailing

Momoyo and her smile-capturing machine working fine

Upstairs, Nigel’s surround sound setup is under way, with the AudioNomad engineers still at his aid.

Clea’s amazing hydro-interface, which is well underway, and also absolutely brilliant. You have to see it for yourself to believe the merger between these two supposedly incompatible mediums

That wraps up our update for Tuesday. Keep checking this space for updates in the countdown to the grand opening of the ISEA2008 Symposium on Electronic Arts. Till tomorrow.