This week, we will be dropping in on the National Museum of Singapore to document daily updates of the installation setup. The Main-Juried Exhibition opens its doors to the public on the 25th July 2008 and will run for the next week till the 3rd August 2008. Keep these dates free and come down to view the exciting new original works that will be on display.

Day #3 – Wednesday 22nd July 2008

Specially for the artists in the ‘attic’, since they are so isolated, they might be happy to get their very own blog post 🙂

Dr Guna conducting a ‘tour’ with volunteers for ISEA2008

Nigel Heyler and the Audio Nomad team at work. They were nice enough to set up the table so that i could get some interestingly lit shots of the project. Speakers are in the ceiling now, which gives a very understated yet powerful surround sound experience. Trust the engineers, they listen to it at 3am in the morning. By tomorrow though, the cables would have run underground in preparation for the interview with Reuters.

That wraps up our update for Wednesday. Keep checking this space for updates in the countdown to the grand opening of the ISEA2008 Symposium on Electronic Arts. Till tomorrow.