It is the day before the BIG OPENING and a quick check around the museum grounds sees most of the artists rubbing their hands in satisfaction nearing the close of another successful presentation. I got a chance to preview some of the operational art works and (Boy!) am i impressed. Works like Nigel’s sound piece Run Silent Run Deep, French artists Cosmin and Marie’s Aurora Consurgens , Tad’s Quartet and Gon Zifroni’s Exodus just to name a few are definitely not to be missed. The Main-Juried Exhibition opens its doors to the public tomorrow the 25th July 2008 and will run for the next week till the 3rd August 2008. Keep these dates free and come down to view the exciting new original works that will be on display.

At Cosmin and Marie’s Brainwave visualizing centre

Kelly’s installation space now with a very interesting 2-channel video an electronic hardware (and headphones!)

The video installation of Indian artists Shilpa Phadke and Shilpa Ranade are up and running

Zack and Nate’s project Appropriate Response nicely set up

(above) a virtual conversation ‘televised’

Tad surveys his work very close to completion

Jee’s work ‘rolled out’

SyntFarm’s Syntboutique with 2-channel video

Momoyo’s project with more helpers from NUS

Nigel Heyler with his Audio Nomad project, now with printed instructions on the wall

So that’s marks a new phase in the ISEA2008 programme schedule away from the one on the drawing blocks. Join us as we celebrate the close of a journey, and the start of a new one, at the Opening Ceremony tomorrow evening at the National Museum.

Keep checking the ISEA2008 main site for conference schedules, paper/artist presentations and general information about locations, timings and registrations for the ISEA2008 conference as well as the In-conjunction events.

That wraps up our update for Thursday. Till tomorrow, where the conference, workshops, dialogue sessions and presentations begin.