So the first day of the conference has begun, many presentations going on throughout the morning sessions at the Singapore Management University, as well as the National Museum, where the Main-Juried Exhibition is being held.

Here are some photographs from the morning presentations:

Sabine Himmelsbach from Edith Russ Haus at the National Museum Salon

At the Media Politics Session, Dr Konrad Becker with his presentation on Deep Infopolitics and Strategic Reality

At the HyperReality Session, Karen Cham presents on Reality Jamming.

The HyperReality Session was hosted by Dr Gunalan who brought on the next guest lecturer Byul Shin, with a paper on Virtual Reality in Science Fiction Films

Researcher Rodney Berry from the Mixed Reality Lab in the National University of Singapore at a Q&A after his talk on Hyper-augmented Reality.

Over at the Session on Modes of Communication, PerMagnus Lindborg gives a very interesting presentation on the sonification of voice analysis in political speeches through the project Particular Assembly

At the Artists presentations, Michael Filimowicz presents his art piece “Play and Fortune” involving an audiovisual “synaesthesia” through multiple processes of sound visualization and video sonification

Please note that these photographed events are just a snapshot (literally!) of the smposium’s wide range of speakers and topics. For more detailed information on the conference programmes and full list of today’s conference presenters please follow this link –

Lunch-time at the ISEA2008 Secretariat