We wrap up the first day of the conference with a photograph entry of the rest of the day’s events.

Danny Butt at the Session on Transforming Media

Hide Ogawa at the Bio-mediations sessions, talking about Mashup Web Media linked with the Inokashira Zoo
in Tokyo

NUS Faculty of Communications and New Media Professor Kevin McGee and musical notation at the Audio-Visual Mediations Session

AIR artist Nigel Heyler a.k.a. Dr Sonique gives a talk on the Sonic Commons

Paul Thomas, Mike Phillips, Chris Speed at the Q&A sessions at the Panel Presentation on Intelligent Architecture

Susan Ryan at the session on Wearable Media

Artist Schmalstieg Manuel presenting her work on Aether9

Artist, ecologist and avid gamer Angelo Vermeulen presenting an amazing project Biomodd

Please note that these photographed events are just a snapshot (literally!) of the smposium’s wide range of speakers and topics. For more detailed information on the conference programmes and full list of today’s conference presenters please follow this link – http://www.isea2008singapore.org/conference/conf_schedule_26.html

Keep checking this blog for updates on the conference proceedings and events. Till later!