August 2008

At the close of the symposium, we take another look at some of the pieces in the exhibition at the National Museum.

Tad’s Quartet

Clea’s WaterBook


Momoyo’s Smile, wear it like a Costume

Gon’s Exodus

BioPresence’s Sourcing Water

Nigel’s Run Silent, Run Deep

Cosmin and Marie’s Aurora Consurgens

MeiKeiLai’s Does it make Scents to have Fun

Shilpa Ranade and Shilpa Phadke’s Gendered Strategies of Loitering

Zach and Nate’s Appropriate Response

Vladimir and Andreas’s SyntFarm

Jodi Rose’s Global Bridge Symphony

Eastwood’s Civilization V

Jason Wee’s So Close the Desert Isle

Kelly’s Finally We Hear One Another

With that, we say thank you and good bye to all artists, delegates and organizers. Adieu!


Prominent New Media Theorist Lev Manovich gave a talk to a packed auditorium at the Laselle School of the Arts, introducing his field of cultural analytics, a project linking data mining techniques prevalent in the social sciences to visualization procedures in new media to create a generative exhibition tracking the dynamicism in global digital culture in an age of immeasurable data proliferation.

So the last day is upon us, and the last bits of action went around some talks in the morning and workshops after.  Here are some photographs of the conference’s last day.

Sheila Petty at the Session on Technological Mediations of Identity

Ryzard W. Kluszczynski and his talk on Spaces of Intimacy.

Luminous Green was one of 3 workshops that were held on the 31st July.