AIR meeting

The AIR meeting was held on Monday 12th of May 2008 at 2 pm at the Playroom in the Communications and New Media Faculty at NUS. It was a time where the artists already in Singapore could meet up with ISEA committee members, and also to mingle with each other in a light-hearted setting over wine and cheese. A quick brief by AIR director Dr Lonce Wyse was followed by each artist giving an introduction to their work.

Clea T. Waite gives her project brief while Lonce Wyse (centre of picture) looks on

Nigel Heyler describing his project Run Silent, Run Deep and the AudioNomad journey

Momoyo Torimitsu discusses her project Smile, Wear it like a Costume!

and gives us a first hand look into the smile

Gon Zifroni of Metahaven describes his project Exodus

Horia Cosmin Samoila and Marie Christine Driesen talk about electromagnetism in their project

An introduction to New Media development in Singapore by the director of IDMI (Interactive Digital Media Institute) Prof Ryohei Nakatsu

ISEA2008 exhibition designer Laura Miotto discusses the spatial positioning of the installations with the artists
Pictures of the “After Party”

Cheese and Wine courtesy of the friendly people at CNM

Artists Andreas Schlegel and Vladimir Todorovic with Republic Poly’s Brian O’Reilly

Visiting professor with the Arts and Creativity Lab @ IDMI, Greg Scheimer and Republic Polytechnic’s Damien Lock

The artist who plays bridges, Jodi Rose

Nigel and a cuppa

not forgetting the ladies behind the programme, Margaret, Sophia and Michelle,

and a very shy Ida Lee.

Look forward to more updates with respect to project developments and other group meetings!