Recently, this reporter had the absolute pleasure of checking out Cosmin and Marie’s ISEA2008 project at the Mixed Reality Lab at NUS. It was a real adventure listening to Cosmin go through the intricate details behind the project, the different cosmic worlds that he hoped to energize and visualize in his project entitled Aurora Consurgens. In this project, the visitor would don a built head piece that had electrodes extended into contact with the skin; the electricity/energy that the brain gave off would then be tapped, and visualized as abstract shapes in a screen nearby.

IDM also had visitors from DSTA who were interested in seeing the projects that were hosted at the Mixed Reality Lab.

Marie showing representatives from DSTA how the project works, with MXR Director Dr Adrian David Cheok present


Horia Cosmin Samoila and Marie Christine Driesen’s work Aurora Consurgens will be showcased at the ISEA2008 Main-juried Exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore.

For more information about the artist and project please visit the ISEA2008 main site. Keep checking this site for latest updates and developments in the buildup to the exhibition.