Last week we took the chance to pop by Mei Kei Lai’s studio workstation at Mixed Reality Lab in NUS, where she was working on her project Does it make Scents to have Fun? Generally project developments are coming along smoothly, and progress is being made in the scent/bottle selection departments, as well as programing the Arduino board and the software gaming environment.

As of last week, basic interactivity had been established, with scent expulsion occurring from the gaming platform as Mei Kei led a demonstration. Only real worries were that of the nasal sensitivities of the researchers sitting nearby as we went through different bottles of scented water/essential oils. Here are some of the photographs of the Macau artist at work.

For more information about the artists and projects please visit the ISEA2008 main site. Keep checking this site for latest updates and developments in the buildup to the exhibition.