Last Friday night, Momoyo and 3 other artists made a trip into Singapore’s notorious red-light districts.

The Japanese mixed-media artist is doing a piece entitled “Smile, wear it like a costume!” for the ISEA2008 main-juried exhibition in July. This project involves capturing a variety of smiles locally across medical, executive, economic and social professions. Tonight’s highlighted profession took us to the heart of Changi village, Geylang and Orchard Towers.

Our ‘covert’ operations began at Changi Beach

At Changi village, a spontaneous interview was set up with one of the dancers at a pub.

who had more than a smile in common

Supper happened at Geylang,

where Kelly had her first taste of a local delicacy, frog.

no problems for Nigel there!

dessert was at the Soya Bean house along Lorong 27

No pictures were taken along the Geylang roads and no interviews were conducted due to sensitivity issues. Only furtive, tentative glances were made in both directions as we walked through the lanes trying to stay oblivious to the cajoling of the escorts.

Hang on to this space for more developments and photographs as Momoko travels around gathering her smiles!