On Tuesday 20th May 2008, the artists were invited to the National Museum of Singapore to view the installation spaces and galleries allocated to the exhibition segment of ISEA2008. It was also a chance to speak with the exhibition designer Laura Miotto, senior designer at GSM Design Exhibits Pte Ltd, regarding specifics of each artist’s installation space requirements and plans. Also present were the technical helpers of ISEA2008 as well as equipment sponsors to analyze the acoustic conditions of the space. After a quick tea break at the cafe in the concourse, we were led to the gallery spaces.

The “Canyon” visible at the foot of large escalators outside the Basement Gallery

Inside the First Gallery at the Basement

ISEA2008 Executive Producer Teo Swee Leng has a look around

Dr Lonce Wyse has a chat with equipment sponsors Team 108

Andreas and Marie

Gon Zifroni and Momoyo

In the 2nd gallery, one being used for the “Mozart-a Child Prodigy” exhibition in place now.

Reflections of Clea T. Waite

Swee Leng and Dr Lonce

At the very interesting 3rd Floor section of the museum where the Atelier and conference rooms are located

Momoyo and Thad jamming on the gamelan set in the room.

Jodi Rose makes some good-as-gold friends at the Museum

Dr Lonce begins discussions in the Conference Room of the museum

Mei-Kei Lai and Sophia

Keep checking this space for updates on the ISEA2008 AIR main juried exhibition setup in the National Museum of Singapore!