Some of the AIR artist were at Republic Polytechnic in the week sharing their projects with the students and teachers, enhancing the shared interests of the School of Technology for the Arts, and the digital media exposition of ISEA2008. The artists present were Nate and Zach, Nigel Heyler, Jee Hyun Oh and Gon Zifroni.

The artists are being shown around by RP’s Ghaz

Zach, Nate and Nigel listen as Ghaz shares about Republic Poly’s One Day One Problem PBL teaching methods

Jee Hyun Oh

We check out RP’s amazingly equipped television studio

and virtual reality lab

Nate and Damian get ready for the presentations

Damien Lock from RP gets us away

Nate and Zach share about their project entitled “Appropriate Responses”, an intriguing new generative art project presenting communication in a highly digitized society between “old” media elements like televisions. They also shared a beautiful installation done previously entitled “Aural Ecosystem” (for more information please check the ISEA2008 main site at

Jee shares about her project entitled “DIY GORI”, where GORI means ‘an open hook’ in Korean

Nigel Hyler shares about his Lifeboat experiences, as well as several of his previous projects; some of which brought laughs to the audience because of their levity and humour.

Gon Zifroni shares about his Metahaven work ‘Exodus’, which proposes a new form of search engine revealing the bridges between the hubs/most popular nodes, and peripheries of web-based information

The artists engage in a lively discussion during the Q and A session after the talks.

and are treated to lunch at a lovely staff lounge in Republic Polytechnic.

For more information about the artist and project please visit the ISEA2008 main site. Keep checking this site for latest updates and developments in the buildup to the exhibition.