There were 3 workshops that were held today. Here are photographs of 2 of them held at the NUS Cyberstudio Lab, and the NUS Communications and New Media Labs.

Mark Ballora giving the Data Sonification Workshop at the NUS Cyberstudio Lab. Amongst those present were AIR artist Jodi Rose, prominent local sound artist Zulkafie Mahmod, and Indian Animator and Film Director Lloyd Robert.

Over at the workshop on Cellular Automata for Visual Media, Paul Brown addresses participants including AIR artist Metahaven’s Gon Zifroni, MXR’s Rodney Berry and Republic Polytechnic’s Damian Lock.

The third workshop was by Matt Kenyon and Doug Easterly on Bio-Fi Data Hijacking and was held at Republic Polytechnic at the same time.

The first of three exciting Keynote speeches were presented today.

Ken Mogi, one of the world’s foremost brain scientists and researchers presented to a full house at the NUS engineering auditorium.

Opening Address by Mr Michael Yap, deputy CEO of the Media Development Authority of Singapore and Executive Director of IDM

Host Dr Adrian Cheok, Director of Mixed Reality Lab

A very memorable presentation by Dr Ken Mogi

Keep checking this blog for updates on the conference proceedings and events. Till later!