Today was Luis Thadeus’s big instrument move from the Gamelan room to his working laboratory in the Institute of Infocomm research.

Thadeus is a Filipino video and sound artist whose work “Quartet” will be a feature in the ISEA2008 main juried exhibition line-up this July. His work looks into the desensitizing nature of human computer interfaces through the formation of virtual avatars, and proposes a system which repositions interactivity between a group of users (musicians) as a primary focus within a user-system interactive platform. The installation set up will involve a quartet of musicians providing visual cues to a host of computers that would activate the beatings of corresponding instruments. His instrument of choice is the Javanese Gamelans.

Marge is here to help, as Thad chooses his instruments

Moving the Big Kahuna is not an option today

Movers hard at work

Marge is a toughie

Jodi lends a hand too

Loading up

Thad with the last Saron

Finally reaching our destination

In the Lab were another group of people crowding over the model fibre optics bridge that was being built, which got Jodi noticeably excited

Keep checking these pages for updates on Luis Thadeus’s musical installation developments and more artist interviews.